Review: Revocycle

Review: Revocycle

If you are tired of overcrowded spinning classes at your gym then consider upgrading to classes at an indoor cycling studio that focuses exclusively on providing the best trainers and equipment for this great aerobic activity.

Not Your Run-of-the-Mill Cycling Class

Revocycle is a new bike studio with 24 bikes, built on a theater-style tier system so that even a full class would not feel crowded. It has one of the best sound systems I have heard in an exercise studio, plus a massive fan that kicks into gear just at the right time. The room is lit by soothing candles and fresh towels are provided for your comfort. It is this attention to small details (coupled with top-notch instructors trained in proper cycling form) that sets Revocycle apart from cycling classes at your local gym.

I took the 30-minute “Icebreaker” class which includes a personal bike fit, instruction on proper pedaling form, and a general overview of the benefits of cycling.

Better Bikes = Better Rides

The real differentiator is the new CycleOps’ 300 Pro Indoor cycles, which have fully adjustable settings that give students the best fit. Standard spin bikes in gyms will allow you to raise and lower the seat and handlebars, but make no allowance for different torso or leg lengths. Their cycles have seats and handlebars that move both up and down AND forward and backward so you get the perfect fit.

These bikes have the flywheel in the back rather than the front, so you get none of the ‘sticking’ that results from sweat on the flywheel/brakes—allowing for smooth pedaling and thus better form.

Revocyle is a great way to amp up your cardio efforts in a relaxing environment. If you are interested, you should signup for the “Icebreaker” introductory class and check it out yourself.


  1. Great review Noah, I love your blog. Thanks so much for your hard work in class today!

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